How College-Bound Teens Can Be Smart About Social Media

How College-Bound Teens Can Be Smart About Social Media

Social media didn't exist when the parents of today's high school students were applying to college, so they may not be sure how to advise their kids about the ways it can affect their applications. Fortunately, Common Sense Media's parenting editor, Caroline Knorr, recently wrote a piece for Salon that offers solid social media advice for college-bound students. 

Here are a few of her tips: 

Keep your conversations civil in online public forumsCommon Sense Media has tips for this on its own site.

Follow prospective colleges' social media accountsand don't post negative things about the schools you're applying to.

Teens shouldn't worry too much if they don't have tons of followers on their social media accounts, but if an interest or hobby (for example, art) has gotten them attention and "an active, engaged audience," that can't hurt! 

They also shouldn't stress out about colleges getting a negative impression of them from the various pages or posts they've liked online ("unless it’s illegal, extremely antisocial, or disturbing and it makes up the bulk of [their] feed," Knorr points out). 

To read all the tips, see the original article at Salon.

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