New York Magazine's Top Mother's Day Gifts

New York Magazine's Top Mother's Day Gifts

You still have a few days to buy your mom an actual present for Mother's Day as opposed to a last-minute email gift card (although you probably won't find too many moms who'd say no to one of those). If you find yourself short of ideas, though, you'll find plenty of possibilities in the recent roundup by New York magazine's The Strategist. (Bonus: All the items are available on Amazon.)

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Here are a few of our favorites from their wide variety of gifts: 
baking pan
Bellemain 12-Cup Nonstick Madeleine Pan, $11.50 at Amazon
coloring book
Coloring Maine, $13 at Amazon

Stadler Form OTTO Fan, $200 at Amazon

G. Galo Verge De France Laid Finish Stationery Paper, $15 at Amazon

To see all the suggestions, read the original article at The Strategist.  

Image credit: The Strategist

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