Read My Lips: Power Shades for Every Work Situation

Read My Lips: Power Shades for Every Work Situation

No doubt your work is full of challenges. It’s what keeps things exciting. You’ve heard the saying, dress for the occasion, but how about throw shade to persuade? Whether you’ve got a major presentation coming up or a client-schmoozing happy hour—the hue on your lips sends a direct message about your intentions, even your personality.

Think of it like this—if you want people to read your mind they’ll have to read your lips first. Here’s a little guide to picking the perfect shade for each work scenario.

1. The nerve-wracking interview

Maybe you’re in the hot seat or you’re the one bringing the heat. No matter which side of the desk you’re on, you need to present yourself in the best light. Berry shades are your best friends here. The deep, rich pigments help you reflect on past achievements with a strong sense of intuition. It’s the perfect mix of style and strategic thinking.

2. Creative powwow 

Bring a little zing and some brilliant ideas to that brainstorm with a swipe of plum or a bright pink shade. Purple is the color of creativity and a deep plum says you stand out from the crowd—especially with your great taste in music and fashion. Bright pink lips are fun, exciting, and totally on trend. They say you're a risk-taker and you respect others who bring their bold ideas to the white board too.

3. The big-wig presentation

You’ve been slaving over that Powerpoint. Reciting and rehearsing. Finally it’s go-time. Go bold or go home. Reds echo ambition and passion. There’s also fieriness associated with reds, which adds flair to whatever you’re presenting. Our most powerful leading ladies of all time are known to rock the red.

4. An H.R.-type of talk

Got a work wife or work husband? Do you lead a team? Just like at home, there’s bound to be conflict when decisions need to be made and projects need to move forward. Sometimes work calls for diplomacy and constructive criticism. Soft pink shades say you’re listening and you’re thoughtful, not too pushy, just the right dose of practical.

5. Social networking

Maybe it’s a video invite or you’re swapping business cards at a mixer. You’re talking to people about your industry and potentially more business. An outgoing shade with a tropical undertone can help people feel relaxed when speaking to you and that’s when the best conversations flow. Corals stand out but they’re also approachable, cool, and exciting.

6. Semi-solitary confinement

Just breathe. Yes, you can nowbecause you’ve blocked off time to tackle your inbox, polish those write-ups, finalize contracts, or kick ass with deadlines. Nudes are muted but they still mean business. They say you’re independent, hard-working, and naturally able to push the pendulum. You show up but keep your head down when you need to so others stay on track too.

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