Six Real-Life Working Mom Wonder Women

Six Real-Life Working Mom Wonder Women

Every working mom is a wonder woman at heart. Day in and day out, they execute the next-to-impossible mission of trying to do it all. From smashing beauty standards for girls and raising their career aspirations, to fighting for the next generation of feminists, to literally saving her city from disaster, we’ve rounded up six spectacularly super wonder women.

Smashing Standards of Beauty:

Angelica Sweeting is smashing societal standards for beauty and letting little girls everywhere know that they are beautiful just as they are. The Naturally Perfect dolls go beyond beauty though, with each doll having a unique career as a writer, activist, entrepreneur and an engineer.

Empowering women:

Executive coach Lisa Abramson left her skyrocketing career as a businesswoman to start her own business helping other women achieve ‘sustainable success’.

Captain Feminism:

Besides serving as the director of the Genesee Valley Chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union (the New York affiliate of the ACLU), Kaelyn Rich teaches in the women and gender studies program at SUNY College at Brockport and does freelance writing on the side. She is also mom to a young daughter, working to help her believe that women can do anything they want and be anyone they want to be.

Champion of Equality:

For the first time in history, moms are half of the breadwinners in our nation but our public policies lag behind. Former political strategist Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner founded the grassroots organization MomsRising, fighting for equal pay, affordable childcare and paid family leave for moms.

Channeling body positivity:

Fitness blogger, nutrition coach and mom of two Joanne Encarnacion believes if we can reframe the conversations we’re having about mind and body we can start to empower the younger generation of girls to see themselves with more self-worth.

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