Stylish Outfit Ideas for Hot Summer Days (and Freezing A/C)

Stylish Outfit Ideas for Hot Summer Days (and Freezing A/C)

With summer almost here, that means we're entering the season of freezing office A/C (thanks in part to the fact that the temperature settings were configured for men). You may even have a coworker who turns on her space heater not in the winter months but on 90-degree days when the A/C is just way too cold. If you're tired of layering your warm-weather workwear outfits with that old back-of-the-office-chair cardigan, check out these outfit ideas from The Muse: 


A Circle Skirt, Sleeveless Blouse, and Cardigan 

Although it's fine inside the office on a hot day, a pencil skirt might feel a bit too tight and restrictive on your way there. Wearing a knee-length, high-waisted circle skirt with a collared, sleeveless top and a cardigan to add once you get to work is a good alternative. 

Cropped Pants, a Looser Top, and a Cardigan

For an option with pants rather than a skirt or dress, try looser-fitting, cotton cropped pants that end just above the ankle, along with a non-fitted, short-sleeved top -- and a cardigan for the chilly A/C.

To see all the outfit suggestions, visit The Muse.

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