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Our mission is to inspire, guide, and empower working moms from all walks of life.

From the executive suite to the shop floor, we champion women devoted to their families and careers, and help them recognize and appreciate that they are amazing women on a next-to-impossible mission of trying to do it all.

32/7 is the only one-stop destination dedicated to meeting all the online needs of working moms. From current news, thought-provoking features, and inspirational interviews to curated collections of both well-known and hard-to-find products, we provide today’s time-starved mom with the info she needs and the items she wants—all in one place.

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Our editors have handpicked a wide range of merchandise that meets the needs and desires of the millions of working moms who face the often-daunting responsibility of shopping not just for themselves, but their entire household.

Partner to Consumer

Nearly all our products are shipped directly from our partners, thereby eliminating the extra costs of double shipping and warehousing. Those savings along with our low operating overhead allow us to aim for prices equal to or lower than can be found anywhere on the web or in stores.

Organic Merchandise

We are continually adding merchandise to our online shelves, and hope that you enjoy both the well-known products and the hidden treasures that we have gathered so far.

Our Team

Celeste and Amy are working moms with extensive experience in content, marketing, and commerce, having worked for powerhouse publications and brands. They are supported by a group of proven executives with backgrounds in media, retail, ecommerce, development, and design. Our world-class team of writers have contributed to Vogue, People, Glamour, Women’s Health, Yoga, Journal, Runner’s World, the San Francisco Chronicle, NBC News, and more.

Celeste Markey


Mother of two-year-old son & newborn daughter
"I had no idea how difficult it would be to get back into my career after having a baby. None of the old rules seemed to apply, nor did any of the resources that were available to me. I wanted a destination where working moms could find helpful information about how to navigate this new role, how to stimulate self-confidence and independence, as well as how to build stronger and happier relationships. You are invited to join us every day to read and watch our fresh daily content, to shop when appropriate or just enjoy the 32/7 experience."

Favorite Products

Amy Gurvitz


Mother of four-year-old daughter
"Nobody ever said managing kids and a career would be easy. But most of us didn’t realize jut how challenging—or rewarding—it would be. Our goal is to ease and enhance working moms’ lives by providing everything from inspiration and advice to must-have items and a supportive community, all in one place."

Favorite Products