Celliant®  Universal Liner w/ Non-Slip Backing

Celliant® Universal Liner w/ Non-Slip Backing


Bring the power of Celliant® to any sleep surface. Moms have long used mattress liners for all kinds of reasons, to protect their mattress from 'leaks', to provide a launderable surface under sheets, etc. Help your child enjoy more restful sleep with this celliant liner from Sopora.

Celliant is a naturally biologically responsive material. It is designed to increase circulation and improve the level of oxygen in the body. Athletes with sore and aching muscles find that celliant fabric helps soothe aches and repair muscles. As an added benefit the celliant liner is designed to help keep your child's body temperature balanced. Use it under your child's sheets or under a waterproof mattress cover. Now, regardless of the mattress your child sleeps on, our Sopora Celliant® liners are clinically proven.


  • Measures 15" x 27".
  • Features a non-slip backing.
  • Machine washable.


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