Spin Master Paw Patrol Launch N Roll Lookout Tower Track Set

r Paw Patrol Launch N Roll Lookout Tower Track Set


Build your very own Adventure Bay rescue with the PAW Patrol Launch n' Roll Lookout Tower Track Set. Experience the fun of a true PAW Patrol rescue mission with the Launching Tower that features Rubble Dump Truck and Ryder Racer vehicles along with Chase and Zuma mini figures. Launching Tower features 6 parking spaces for Paw Racers. Just rotate and press the periscope to launch your racer vehicle into action! Oh no - there's trouble at Adventure Bay Bridge! Launch the Rubble racer vehicle to save the day and repair the bridge! Build the world of Launch 'n Roll Lookout Tower Track Set with 9 track pieces, 1 Launching Tower, 1 stop light and a collapsing bridge. Press the button on the side of the bridge to collapse the bridge, and then press the lever to fix it! PAW Patrol is on a roll with the Launch n' Roll Lookout Tower Track Set.

  • Build the track set, and then join the PAW Patrol to save the day - you need to repair the bridge!
  • Turn the Lookout Tower to rotate and push to launch the PAW Patrol into action!
  • Connect other PAW Patrol track sets and create all new adventures (each sold separately). All mini figures and PAW racers work with PAW Patrol Roll Patrol sets (sold separately).
  • Launch N Roll Lookout Tower Track Set is for ages 3+. No batteries required.
  • 1 Launching Lookout Tower
  • 1 Collapsing Bridge
  • Track (5 straight pieces)
  • 3 curved and 1 merger piece)
  • Rubble and Ryder Paw racers
  • Chase and Zuma Mini Figures
  • Stop Light and Sticker Sheet
  • Recommended Age: 3+
  • Age Group: Child
  • Weight (Approximate): 4.56 lb
  • Package Contents:
      1 x Launching Lookout Tower, 1 x Collapsing Bridge, Track Pieces (5 straight, 3 curved and 1 merger), Rubble Paw Racer Truck, Ryder Paw Racer Vehicle, Chase Mini Figure, Zuma Mini Figure, Stop Light and Sticker Sheet,